In the last 30 years we have helped 2,47,532 disabled people with

Mobility appliances such as Jaipur Foot & Calipers. Each time we

give away customized appliances we give them some amount of

training to help them walk again.


However we have come to realize that having been disabled for a

long time our patient’s bodies are not accustomed to walking and

this does not allow full utilization of the appliances.


We believe that with physiotherapy and training we can solve this

problem and help disabled people Stand, Walk & even Run with


Make more miracles! Give your used equipment to help disabled people.

Our Physiotherapy centre's construction is complete and the interiors are being done! The center will cater to at least 60 to 70 patients per week, which means in a day we aim to service approximately 10 to 15 disabled patients who are rehabilitated at our center. We are looking at the following donations-


Requirement of the Physiotherapy Centre


  • Parallel bars
  • Bicycle both for lower limb and hand
  • Sanding machine
  • Diathermy machine
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Infrared
  • Matrix rhythm machine
  • Treadmill
  • Hydraulic machine for strengthening limbs
  • Gym equipment that can be used for physiotherapy
Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you.

How Ratna Nidhi’s Physiotherapy centre will benefit the physically challenged.

·         Help the beneficiaries to keep and improve the flexibility and strength in their legs, arms and body while they recover

·         Teach them to use a wheel chair and to transfer in and out of it

·         Support wound healing using exercise

·         Handling and massage of their residual limb

·         Show them ways of helping with any pain in their amputated limb or leg

·         Help them in weight management

·         Provide psychological guidance and vocational training



1.      Appliances to physically challenged is provided free of cost at our centre.

2.      Last year alone we distributed 2444 appliances under this project.

3.      We are focusing on the people who are willing to be independent and stand on their own, despite of their disability.

4.      We are well connected to local NGO’s and government authorities which enables us to organize mobility camps across different locations in Maharashtra.

5.      We have all the required equipment’s and machinery to fabricate the appliances for the patients.

6.      Our project team has close to fifteen years of experience in identifying and mobilizing patients for screening and distribution of equipment’s. Our teams of engineers are well equipped to manufacture these equipments and resolve any technical issue if it may arise.

7.      You are contributing to a program which is conceptualised to provide wholistic development to the physically challenged. Take pride in that !


  • New Medical Center from Outside

  • New Medical Center from Inside

  • Children waiting at our center who would now undergo physiotherapy

  • Jaipur Foot beneficiary

  • Wheelchair beneficiary

  • Jaipur Foot center where all mobility camps are held

  • Jaipur Foot Center

  • patients waiting at our Jaipur Foot Center