Just imagine that a young man who is in dire need of a job to support his family approaches you.
As per your generous nature you want to hire him and so you go through his resume which was
shabbily hand written on a piece of paper. You get to realize that this young man is brilliant in
accounts but he doesn’t have any sort of computer skill.


We live in a fast-moving world where almost everything must come instantly to us. In this computer
era, we depend on the computer to help us complete tasks, and to solve problems. Computers are
used in various fields like business, pharmacy, music, education, engineering, defense, transportation,
and cooking as they help to ease certain tasks, provide information faster, and speed up the work.

Wherever you go whether it is a mechanic’s shop or a fast food restaurant, some form of technology
and computers are being used. It may be a computerized cash register or the machine that cleans
out your engine but it is a computer and everyone needs basic computer skills to function in today’s
job market.

Our Objective

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Keeping this in mind we have started computer classes for poor children and response that we
have received is terrific.

We have school children, children coming from various NGOs, housewives etc. They are from varied background and they take up petty jobs such as selling newspaper, milk, working on railway platforms, working in small factory etc to support their family.

  • Course details:MS office
  • Duration:2 months
  • Class Timings:Daily 1 hr. Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm
    (Saturday 10 am to 2 pm)
  • Current situation:44 children, 3 computers
  • Future plan:To teach minimum 1000 children in a year.
  • How you can help:You can donate your old computer / laptop / ipad
    Tablets that is in working condition.
Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you.

We give you 4 reasons to donate to us

  • Right Use of Your Machine

    Your PC, Laptop or iPad will
    be used gainfully to teach these
    needy children.
  • Interact with our students

    You will get a chance to interact
    with our students and see them
    learn computers.
  • Enroll more students

    More interested students will be
    enrolled to our class from our
    long wait-list.
  • Build tomorrow’s workforce

    With little help from you & our
    dedicated teachers we will have
    skilled workforce for tomorrow

Learn About Our Teachers

Ranjana Jadhav

Computer Education course incharge

My name is Ranjana, I am working with Ratan Nidhi Trust since last 18 yrs. We started Vocational Training courses like driving, security guard training, electrician course, Home Management etc. Till now we have trained minimum 63,000 children & youth. We have trained children from different NGOs of Mumbai, street children, rag pickers, children from orphan age home, slum dwellers etc.

This time around we have started Computer Education course for these children for absolutely free of cost because it has become basic requirement in today’s world and it will help improve their future. These children come from very poor families and they support their family by doing petty jobs like newspaper selling, delivering milk, working on railways platform, small factories etc.

Right now we just have 3 computers but we plan to train approx 1000 children in a year. For this we require many computers. If you can contribute to this noble work by donating a computer we will be able to reach out to maximum no. of students.


Kanchan Dadke

Computer Teacher

My Name is Kanchan. I work with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust as a Computer teacher. I teach computer to very poor children, some of them are paperboy selling newspaper, delivering milk from home to home, working in small factory etc. Learning computer is very important for their bright future.


Ms. Spuzmai Achickzay

A volunteer at our Computer Classes



I volunteered with RNCT as a Computer teacher. The 3 months which I spent with RNCT can be described as the lasting experience that I managed to collect. I can happily say those few months were well spent and the teachers were very friendly and helpful.


The first two months I taught the school children basic computers like Word, Excel, Paint etc. They were very attentive and was quite easy task to teach them with the help of the RNCT teachers. We tried to make the computer class quite fascinating for the children. We played simple games like choose a chit from a bowl, blackboard games to make the computer lessons interesting and fun. At the end of the class, we used to give chocolates to whoever performed well. Children were very smart and keen to learn despite that they were economicallydisadvantaged. I loved interacting with them. The best part about the whole experience was the love and respect that they would express. They would always be so excited to see me coming.

Last one month I spent teaching teenaged girls and boys who wanted to learn computers.  They came from faraway places as they could not afford expensive computer classes in their locality. 


The best thing about RNCT is that they are offering computer classes free of cost which is so important in to our daily life.The teachers gave special attention to each and every child in the class and process of teaching was slow so the children could get their concepts right.

 I learned that volunteering is a two-way street. You will be surprised by how much you will get back- whether it’s a new outlook or a warm smile – when you give your time to each other. So volunteer. It is truly a beauty.


Our Happy Students

  • Komal Vinod Yadav

    8th Std. Guilder Path Municipal School Father’s occupation – Sells Idli on roadside

    Thankful to Ratna Nidhi Trust for giving this opportunity. Learning this computer will help us in our future. In today’s world learning computer is very important.

  • Arman Sheikh

    9th Std. Guilder Path Municipal School Father’s occupation – Factory Worker

    I want to learn it and do something fruitful in my future. I wish to bring an end to all the financial difficulties that my father is facing. I want to thank Ratna Nidhi Trust who has given me this opportunity to fulfil my dream.

  • Babbli Verma

    My name is Babbli Raju Verma. I study in 4th Std. in Guilder Path Municipal primary School. Thank you for teaching us computer.

  • Pooja Yadav

    My name is Pooja Hiralal Yadav. I am in 4th std. My father make cupboards. I like learning computer. Thank you.

  • Reshma Sheikh

    My name is Reshma Sheikh, I study in 8th std. I am from Hamara Foundation. I got to know about this computer classes. My mother works as a cook. It is her dream that I become Doctor and so I want to learn computer. I want to thank Ratna Nidhi Trust.

  • Sajid Sheikh

    My name is Sajid Sheikh. I study in std. 8th. I work with my father in a hotel. After my work I come to school. I got to know about Ratna Nidhi Trust’s computer classes so I joined it as I want to gainfully use this skill in my future. I want to thank Ratna Nidhi for this.

  • Mohammed Sheikh

    My name is Mohammed Farahan Sheikh. I study in 3rd std. I like learning computer. Thank you.

  • Ashish Gawle

    My name is Amit Gawle and I study from a special school (slow learners school). I come to Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust’s computer classes. I really like learning computer, it is very helpful to us and we can do something in future. Thank you.