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Free Computer Classes

It's been two years that 15 yrs old Komal Yadav, wake up every day before sunrise, coms her hair and nicely plaits it, cleans her cooking place and prepares idlis for her father to sell.  She then wears her blue striped school uniform and leaves for school. As she walks out in the streets her father waves from behind, his eyes filled with hope! He believes that her education will give her a beautiful tomorrow, one in which she will not have to slog as he has, all his life. Little did he know that in today's day and age a mere education is not enough. 

We live in a fast-moving world where we depend on the computer for the  smallest of job operations whether in a mechanics shop, a fast food restaurant or be it a multinational. For his daughter to match up and get a good job in future she needs to have basic computer knowledge at least.
Komal's life has now been empowered by our Free Computer Course at our Vocational Training Center. 
Apart from her we have 43 other school children and housewives being trained in MS Office and Internet. They are from varied backgrounds and they take up petty jobs such as selling newspapers, distributing milk, working in small factories etc to support their family. These children somehow manage to get education but they are far away from obtaining computer skills. 
We have Reshma Sheikh studying in 8th std. whose mother work as a cook in nearby housing society.
We have Sajid Sheikh, 15 yrs, who works with his father in a hotel.
We have Pooja Hiralal Yadav, 7 yrs, whose father is a carpenter.
We have Arman Sheikh, 17 yrs, whose works with his father in small Bag making factory.
We welcome you to visit our Computer Classes with a prior appointment. You will be amazed to see how these children are keen to learn computer. They are determined to gainfully use this skill to fulfill their dreams.
Each of them now has glee and sparkle in their eyes. Our Free Computer Classes have opened up a Brave New World for them...The world of Tomorrow.
It’s waiting to happen beyond mists of the future it sparkles like a diamond but as yet we can see only a vague outline. 
The dream of yesterday...is a hope of today and reality of tomorrow.
Come along with us to bring sparkle in eyes of many such students.
How much Joy and Satisfaction You will get when you see how Your old computer / ipads are changing lives of Young India for better tomorrow.
If you have a used computer or laptops or an unused ipads, Donate to our Centre and see how many new worlds of tomorrow opens up for this bright young boys and girls.
Thank you and look forward to your positive response.
If you have any used Computer / laptop / ipad etc kindly contact us and we will get it collected from your place.

Contact us on - 022-23898930 / 23878930 : E-mail - info@ratnanidhi.org