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Artificial Leg Technology Breakthrough with Google and IITB

"Google.org is pleased to invest in the visions of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust. ...

Corporate Participation - Your RUN will make many WALK!!!

Would your company like to make a Difference in lives of underprivileged people in our ...

Food for Education - Shri Sai Vidhyalaya

 We have been giving meals to the Shri Sai Vidhyalaya school since January 2010, under our ...


DONATE BOOKS NOW!!!   Donate used Educational books to help students in need.  ...

Clothing in Self-respect

  Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust is working for the welfare of society since the last 25 years. ...

Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

 “Could you please give us something to wear? Something warm preferably. We never ...

We Teach Kids Computers for FREE!

Just imagine that a young man who is in dire need of a job to support his family approaches you. ...

Bomb Blasts of 13 July 2011

 The city of Mumbai has become very susceptible to such terror attacks and bomb blasts and it ...

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, is a registered charity that was established over 25 years ago by Mr Mahendra Mehta. It was set up in order to tackle the problems of poverty in Mumbai, especially amongst young children. From its humble origins as a family institution it has grown rapidly, and now its projects cover a wide range of activities located in both India and other developing countries, including Afghanistan, Sudan, Kenya and Burundi.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust is committed to the welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed or color. Its emphasis is on assisting the children and youth who are the citizens of tomorrow and the disabled who need a support to help them join mainstream society.

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Latest News & Updates

  • 07-01-2016


    Saurabh, a budding Management Person in his early thirties met with a sad end of his life due to a debilitating condition.

    Today, Saurabh is no more, but his caring spirit is very much alive. In the fond memory of their loving son, his parents have sponsored meal for 50 students of Maratha Mandir Night School, Worli, Mumbai for 1 year.

    On behalf of these 50 students, Ratna Nidhi thank the generous parents for this kind donation.

  • 05-02-2016



    I volunteered with RNCT as a Computer teacher. The 3 months which I spent with RNCT can be described as the lasting experience that I managed to collect. I can happily say those few months were well spent and the teachers were very friendly and helpful.

    The first two months I taught the school children basic computers like Word, Excel, Paint etc. They were very attentive and was quite easy task to teach them with the help of the RNCT teachers. We tried to make the computer class quite fascinating for the children. We played simple games like choose a chit from a bowl, blackboard games to make the computer lessons interesting and fun. At the end of the class, we used to give chocolates to whoever performed well. Children were very smart and keen to learn despite that they were economicallydisadvantaged. I loved interacting with them. The best part about the whole experience was the love and respect that they would express. They would always be so excited to see me coming.

    Last one month I spent teaching teenaged girls and boys who wanted to learn computers.  They came from faraway places as they could not afford expensive computer classes in their locality. One girl named Meenakshi she used to travel from Chinchpokoli every day in her free time to get her basics right. She got immense help from Kanchan (teacher) and me. I learned that some girls who did the computer course from RNCT even got jobs. They shared healthy relationship with the teachers even after completion of the course.

    The best thing about RNCT is that they are offering computer classes free of cost which is so important in to our daily life.The teachers gave special attention to each and every child in the class and process of teaching was slow so the children could get their concepts right.

    The class can be made more engaging through story/picture books related to computers, 10 minutes game break (which we did when I was teaching), or maybe poetry recitals. It would refreshed the children after a long tired day.

    I learned that volunteering is a two-way street. You will be surprised by how much you will get back- whether it’s a new outlook or a warm smile – when you give your time to each other. So volunteer. It is truly a beauty.

    Ms. Spuzmai Achickzay

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  • I Thank you very much for 977 books worth lakhs of rupees. It will definitely help our students to enrich their reading skills and knowledge forever. I hope you will help us to do our best in the field of education. Thanking you for all our staff and institution.

    Principal, Maharshi WalmikiVidyalaya, Walhe, Pune
  • Thank you for your generous donation (cloths) for our underprivileged children. On behalf of Society for Human & Environmental Development (SHED), we heartily thank you for giving clothes for our children. We will distribute the clothes to the needy children. We look forward that in future you will be able to help these children in various other aspects for their growth & development. We are extremely grateful.

    Rajendra Tawde, Cheif Executive - Society for Human & Environmental Development (SHED)
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